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We have updated our booth inventory! Scroll below to see what we currently have in stock in our booth and be sure to SHARE this post with your friends! NEW TO THE BOOTH THIS WEEK Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table $125 Made entirely of hand-cut and hand-sanded pine 2x4s, this heavy, durable coffee table will perfectly Read More


Updated Thrift & Antique Directory and Map!

We have updated our Dothan are thrift & antique store directory and map! (The pic above is just a pic…SEE BELOW FOR MAP AND LIST!) The full directory will now be available as a permanent page on our site. Both the map and the list are available for download: The map can be accessed through Google Read More

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We have updated our social media profiles, so you can now find us on all the most popular social channels! Click any of the channel buttons below to follow us for instant notifications about NEW ITEMS, SALES, CONTESTS, and other exciting events!           You can also contact us by: CALL or TEXT Read More