We now stock large storage crates!

Sanded ~ Painted ~ Poly’ed

After sanding the raw wood to remove sharp edges and splinters, we used several coats of premium Valspar paint to provide beautiful, enduring color. Finally, we applied several layers of high-quality Krylon polyacrylic to ensure years of everyday use with fewer scratches and less wearing.

Efficient ~ Durable

These solid wood totes have carved handles on either end. They are light, but sturdy, and will provide endless storage for toys, shoes, and all sorts of household items.

Value ~ Economical

We priced these handy, beautiful crates economocially, and you get even more of a value if you purchase more than one!

Signature Item

We plan to keep these crates in stock, and we will vary the color choices with the season. If you would like to order crates in a certain color, contact us with your inquiry! Call or text 334-714-6530, send us a message via Facebook, or shoot us an email!

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