Facebook Marketplace | New Item Listings

If you haven’t yet tried Facebook Marketplace, you’re missing out! This is like one huge shopping venue – flea market, yard sale, thrift store, mall, and outlet – all in one. You can find pretty much anything. And in contrast to the obvious and notorious dangers of Craigslist, you can look at the other party’s Facebook profile and find out what they’re about. And, Facebook presorts the results to the area nearest you, though you can tweak the location of your search.

We discovered the Marketplace back when we were in booths. We found it was a great way to let the general public know what our specific items are. And we discovered it lets people have better access to us through Messenger. Potential buyers can message us and quickly inquire about a specific item. All the way around, we love the Marketplace.

So, it’s a great way to find what we offer! Just go to your Facebook app or log on to Facebook on your browser. Look up to your Facebook toolbar, and it should be right there in the middle:

Facebook Marketplace tab on the Android app

You’ll immediately see lots of stuff for sale, but you’ll also see tons of ways to filter and sort the search results to find very specific items.

Browser view of Facebook Marketplace

Here are some of the items we posted on Marketplace yesterday:

Pfaltzgraff Everyday China Plates (4) $15
Gallery “Monterey” Every Dinnerware (4 Plates) $10
Corelle Classic Vitrelle Winter Frost Everyday Dinnerware 24 Piece (6 Place Settings) $45
Wrought Iron Chairs $125 Set (unpainted)/$175 Set (painted)/$35 Each (unpainted)

As you can see, there are some really great buys, if you’re careful and patient. We hope we’ve piqued your interest if you aren’t already shopping with us!

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Let us know what you think!