Updated Thrift & Antique Directory and Map!

We have updated our Dothan are thrift & antique store directory and map!

(The pic above is just a pic…SEE BELOW FOR MAP AND LIST!)

The full directory will now be available as a permanent page on our site. Both the map and the list are available for download:

  • The map can be accessed through Google Maps on your phone or device;
  • The directory can be downloaded to any device for printing, to see any of the websites or to call any of the phone numbers!

Give it a try! Click here to visit the permanent home of the Dothan Thrift & Antique Directory, featuring an interactive, GPS-enabled map, and a downloadable list!

Please let us know what you think in the comments below! Also, let us know of any erroneous information or if we have left anyone out!



Let us know what you think!